SEO Tips And Tricks

Write great content
Great content is where it all starts. You can have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is no good, people won't stick around on your site and search engines won't find your site valuable.

Write unique content
Unique content is important too. You need to provide content that has different information than what is on other sites and other Web pages.

Write short pages
The shorter your page is, the fewer times you need to repeat your keyword phrase and keep the density just right. Plus, short pages load more quickly, and so your readers will appreciate it. Keep pages under 30KB in size. Split long pages into multiple pages and optimize each page.

Create a great keyword phrase
The first thing you should do when working on search engine optimization is find a great keyword phrase for that page. You shouldn't try to optimize your entire site to one keyword phrase - instead focus on writing pages for specific keywords and phrases

Use the keyword phrase in your title tag
The title tag is one of the most important tags on your Web page. And placing your keyword phrase in the title tag, preferably at the beginning, is very important to get that phrase into the search engines. Plus, that puts your keyword phrase as the link in the search engine index.

Use the keyword phrase in your URL
Even if you can't get your keywords into your domain name, you can put them into your URLs. Search engines read the URLs and assign value to the text they find there.

Use your keyword phrase a lot, but not too much
The ratio of your keywords to the rest of the text on your page is called the keyword density. It's important to repeat your keywords in your document, but not too much. Keyword density should be between 3 and 7% for your primary keyword phrase and 1-2% for any secondary keywords or keyword phrases.

Use your keyword phrase in headlines
Headline tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) are a great place to use your keyword phrase and secondary keywords. Search engines recognize that headlines are more important than the surrounding text, and so assign greater value to keywords found there.

Get as many inbound links as you can
Links are important, especially from sites other than your own. These are called inbound links. And if you get a lot of inbound links, that will help your page ranking. Remember that 1-2 links from high-reputation sites are better than 10 links from link farms.

Put your keyword phrase in the first paragraph
Repetition of your keyword phrase is important in your content. But it's especially important in the first one or two paragraphs of text. And if you can repeat it once in the first paragraph that will help up it's priority.

Use the meta keywords tag and include your keyword phrase
Meta tags are a very popular way to improve search engine results, but the fact of the matter is that some major search engines don't use them at all, and others only use them a little. It won't hurt to include your keyword phrase and any secondary keywords in the meta keywords tag, but don't expect it to work wonders.

Use your keyword phrase in your meta description 

Most search engines use the meta description field as the description in their search results. So it's important to have a good description. Including your keyword phrase in the meta description tag is one more place that the search engines can see your keywords. This isn't a magic bullet, but it is a good idea.

Optimize for a few secondary keywords

Once you have a keyword phrase, you can choose one or two other keywords to optimize for as well. But be careful with these - make sure that the density of your secondary keywords is no more than 1-2%. Any higher and you risk confusing the search engine and diluting the power of your primary keyword phrase.

  • If you have a new website, then first submit your website link to DMOZ, Google Search Engine, Yahoo Search Engine and MSN Search Engine. Also carry out site submission phase wise to several other smaller search engines and directories having better PR, quality websites.
  • While submitting to smaller search engines and directories, please read the submission guidelines for successful submission.
  • Though you may use several softwares for keywords selection to build the final set of keywords, Do test out all keywords in search engines manually to check its SERP and get final screening. 
  • If you are having an image that contains your targeted set of keywords, then try to convert into text format, if it can be done easily, without much compromising in terms of look and feel.
  • Make sure that your landing page contains same keywords relevant to your anchor text.
  • Build flash elements using Macromedia Flash SDK and then embedded it into your website to make it search engine friendly. 
  • In case you have all webpages written in .asp, .php, .aspx etc having pages with some dynamic features. Then it’s advisable to have .html extension of those pages that contains just content & images
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Guide for SEO professionals

SEO Professionals from India
As in many aspects of life, there are no rules involved in becoming a SEO professional. One only needs to have skills and some degree of interest in the selected area of SEO. There are quite a few courses available online, which can help people in becoming expert SEO professionals. However, only theoretical knowledge will not be enough and people would need to practice their acquired skills, in order to reach an acceptable level of expertise.

In the positioning industry, there is a large gap between an "expert" SEO professional and a mediocre one and it is a fact that client do not prefer people who have mediocre skills. Thus, professionals in this field have to update their skills and knowledge from time to time so that they can become an expert in the field. For any SEO professional, expertise comes with experience and practice. Hence, many beginners in this field even complete certain projects for free, to gain a certain amount of experience.

Here are a few things that can make you an expert SEO professional:

The Basics

The first step is to obtain some theoretical knowledge, through courses or books on the subject of SEO. You must understand the basics of web designing, the way a website is built and the dynamics of search engines and their functioning. You can easily obtain free e-books online that can teach you about these subjects.

The challenge

For SEO professionals, implementing the acquired knowledge is a challenging job and you will need to attract visitors to your website so that they can be aware of your expertise. It becomes a challenge because some (if not many) of the theories will never be 100% effective in practice, especially in the SEO industry, where there are no "magic formulas" to get things done.

Writing Skills

Because users are not always looking for images or videos, search engines continue to focus on the content of the site. Thus, a SEO professional must have great ideas and thoughts and a good command of the written language so that he can optimize the site with relevant content. It is not about being a great writer, but about knowing how to play with words.

Analysis of the Web

This analysis focuses on the behavior of users or visitors who constitute the traffic of a website. One must constantly review SEO traffic and statistics, in order to maintain a site at a higher position in Google.

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Hire Dedicated SEO Professionals from Radix

Radix believes that successful ventures are always built on several shoulders. A one-man-show cannot go on for long in the SEO realm. Thus, we offer a dedicated SEO team for every single project.

Radix practices a policy wherein a domain expert is assigned for every single aspect of your project. Our team structure boasts of dedicated SEO professionals for each set of SEO activities. We have a team hierarchy that houses SEO manager, SEO team leader, and experts for on-page optimization and link building. We effectively divide your project between these experts to ensure that it gets the highest level of attention. A dedicated SEO team also means effective division of project accountability and responsibilities.

We vehemently shun the one-man-does-it-all kind of approach towards SEO. Hence, we have the following profile experts in our team:
  • Website Analyzers
  • Search Engine Optimizing Expert
  • Link Building Expert
  • Content Writers
  • Content Syndication Professionals
  • Social Network Marketers
Hire Dedicated SEO Expert

Since Radix houses a dedicated team for SEO, we follow a systematic approach with neatly outlined process methodology. Our process methodology flows through:
  • Analyzing client requirements
  • Dividing the project into independent phases
  • Selecting and allocating resources for each separate phase
  • Getting the client engaged through communication
  • Microscopic project monitoring
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Methodology For a Successful SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization Methodology
Websites on the internet requires effective SEO services in order to be noticed as all of them struggle to reach out their respective target visitors by getting higher rankings from several search engines. Some individuals do argue that their websites rank higher than the other sites in the search engine ranking and hence, they do not require any type of such services. However, this is untrue. In order to maintain the topmost position, a top ranking website also needs optimization services.

Thus, most of the webmasters are always searching for the best SEO Company. The successful companies follow few strategies to make the website reach the top most position. Few of these strategies are discussed below:

Research campaign:

Research is one of the most important and primary step of SEO. A successful company is well aware that a thorough research is essential before the planning and implementation of the campaign. Any service provider very well understands the significance of research as this is the base of any campaign. Selection of accurate keyword makes a lot of difference to an online marketing campaign. Not only a keyword, a campaign also requires conducting the research on the market, audience and the business. It is crucial for a SEO Company to identify the services and target customers of the client. Otherwise, they may find it difficult to develop a right strategic program.


Once the research is over, it is easier for the company to plan a campaign that is beneficial for a successful online marketing. One of the major aspects of planning is to identify different ways of reaching out to respective target visitors. Service provider discovers innovative techniques in order to reach out the largest target customers as possible. These techniques are designed for specific businesses so that the no. of visitors on the website increases. This planning part of campaigning also includes content management, site structure and link building.

Execution of the strategies

After the planning of campaign comes the execution part. Execution of the SEO techniques is crucial and requires experience and expertise for this purpose. For example, the company looks for reputation and relevancy of the websites, page rank of the linked page and links of the anchor text for links to the websites of their clients. Quality link is the bottom line for the process of link building, it is important for the link builders to follow the norms of the search engine while building links.

Testing of the SEO strategies

Service provider is solely responsible to verify the functioning of executed plans. Many inexperienced companies keep on building links without bothering about the results. If the objective of the campaign is not achieved then the money and time spent on it is useless. Therefore, some of the best SEO Company keeps a tab on whether the strategies are working properly or not. SEO is a continual process and best companies know that a website can achieve a top most position only with the link building process. Since the algorithms of the search engine are changing, it is essential to update techniques used in the website marketing to meet the new requirements of several search engines

Link Building Process - The Best Options

Link Building Service Packages
Link building is a process through which one can create inbound links to one's own sites. Today link building is one of the main techniques which are used to make your website well-known. Link building can be done through mutual links which are listed in search engines, newsletters, e-zines, and directories. Link exchanges and reciprocal links is a process in which two web creator's mutually agree to show the another sites link in their website.

Link building has many advantages. It increases the traffic on your site, improves the website's visibility in search tools, saves a lot of time and advertising money and it also adds an essential resource to your site.

So, here are the links building techniques that can be very helpful for the popularity of your site.

1. Ask visitors to link to you
A very effective technique through which you can start your link building process is by telling the people who visit your website to link to it.

2. Link baiting
Link baiting is a process through which website creators make other people link to their sites by posting or writing some interesting posts.

3. Try to include link building under a contract
A very essential tool that you can use for the link building process is that every time you make a contract for any new business; do not forget to add that the clients must link to your site.

4. Create resources
Creating resources can be very helpful because the people can find it very valuable and might even tell their friends about its effectiveness. Make sure the resource is either in bold or italics.

5. Mutually exchange links
Another way through which you can build links is by exchanging links. You can exchange links with blogs and sites who mutually agree with your terms. You can also look into a different section for forums where people are ready to exchange links. Try to contact them and convince them how linking to your website would be extremely profitable for them.

6. Contact social book marking networks
Through social bookmarking networks you can post your articles or pages. If other people would also visit the post in this site you will get a few more links through them.

7. Start RSS feeds
If you have a blog of your own and you publish articles in it on a regular basis, then you can associate the articles, through RSS feed. This would increase the exposure of your website.

8. Create a blog
Create your own blogs and submit articles on it daily. It is a very advantageous way through which you can collect links.

9. Built your PR
A very helpful way of building links is by using conventional PR. Some PR webs are very cheap and the also offer you access to new directories and news editors.

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Pay Per Click – Place Right Bets

PPC Services Provider
With every passing day, web is becoming a popular and effective marketing platform. Enterprises are increasingly looking at search engines like Google to promote their business. This has made the marketing space available on Google even more valuable. And who knows it better than the search engine giant himself!

Google thus came up with an advertising model called pay per click (PPC) granting businesses premium advertising space on the web. But this space does not come for free. They have to bid for it. Companies bid on a keyword. The higher your bid amount, the better is your ranking and visibility on the search engine. Here again there are two subsidiary models of PPC – flat rate PPC and bid-based PPC. PPC is also often referred to as cost per click (CPC), sponsored links, and sponsored ads on other search engines.

Although expensive when compared to the more organic SEO methods, PPC can drive massive and potential traffic to a website. But PPC is not just about bidding at the highest possible amount. It’s about bidding at the right amount for the right keyword. Thus, PPC has a lot of stuff going on in the background. Let’s examine some of it.

Keyword Research
Any kind of SEO activity has its base in keyword tracing. A successful PPC also requires appropriate keywords to drive potential traffic to your website. This means you need to do a thorough research over the keywords most relevant to your business. Identifying and selecting correct keywords is fundamental to a successful PPC campaign Package. Now here again there is a difference between product PPC and service PPC.

Product PPC:
Here we try to promote and optimize a website for the products it offers. The focus here is on the keywords the customers would use to search for a product on the web. This type of PPC helps businesses track targeted customers. A product based PPC is also effective when customers are searching for a product based on price range.

Service PPC:
Here the services listed on a website grab all attention. Keywords related to the services are researched for and targeted. This type of PPC is mostly used by enterprises active in the service domain. They do not transact in any tangible product but offer services. Here again customers can search for services based on a price range.

Competition Analysis:
When it comes to the present marketing arena, it’s advisable to keep an eye on your competitors’ activities. It’s imperative that you keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing. The best thing to do here is to identify the competitors who enjoy better visibility and better business on the web as compared to you. Analyze how they have achieved this success. Try to see what keywords they have targeted for SEO. It’s highly possible that they have targeted keywords that enjoy high search frequency but less competition in bidding. Thus, be vigilant to your competitors’ moves and analyze them closely.

Contextual Advertising:
PPC also includes a touch of contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is a strategic move wherein you set advertising messages on related content pages of other websites. Now this again is a very smart move that needs to be carefully executed. You want to place these contextual ads on pages that relate to your website or are relevant to your business. Secondly, these ads need to be cleverly drafted so as to incite visitor interest and intrigue. They have to be clear and unambiguous yet exciting with popular keywords. Since search engines display contextual adverts in search results based on keywords, it’s a smart way of complementing your PPC efforts.

Content Creation:
This is again a vital activity that can propel your PPC campaign to great heights. Ensure that your content is unique and fresh but with relevant keywords. Try to accommodate the keywords targeted in your PPC campaign. Aligning your PPC campaign with the content of your website is absolutely crucial. It can be a challenge to create appealing content while still using the commonly used keywords and aligning it to the PPC efforts. But it’s not impossible!

This is where you need to invest all your brains. Get your enterprise think tank to devise a strategy for bidding. Bidding does not mean that you keep on raising the stakes on a keyword till you wear out your competition. That will only lead to financial setbacks. Bidding needs you to identify where to place your bets and to what extent. Withdrawing from bidding is also an art. So it is going to involve a lot of strategic level thinking and planning.

Campaign Evaluation:
This is one activity which many companies often tend to ignore. Once you are through with your campaign it is advisable that you sit down with the statistics and work your through them. Evaluate what worked for you and what didn’t. Draw out some learning points from the failures chart down your successes. This will prepare you better for your next PPC activity.

If you play the right cards and place the right bets, PPC can accelerate your business growth. Hiring PPC Managment experts like Radix can further fortify your success.

Benefits of Hiring A Dedicated SEO Experts

SEO professionals
With the advent of the Web 2.0 era and the changes that Google or other major search engines had implemented into their ranking algorithms, it was a widespread speculation that SEO Experts would soon be out of business, and onto the street. However, none of that has turned out to be true.

In fact, Dedicated SEO packages & professionals have turned out to be a savior in lightning quick branding and financial recovery through online sales in the post-recession period.

However, not many are acquainted with the term or practice of hiring Dedicated SEO experts. And about 70% of those who actually have heard the term before, are still unaware of the benefits associated with the same - as well as the differences in profit margins or ROI while hiring SEO packages & Hiring Dedicated SEO Experts online.

Here are a few benefits of hiring an SEO expert that would surprise you, and probably tilt the balance of decision-making in its favor -

The Cost Factor - Affordability is one of the main driving points while hiring a Dedicated SEO expert online. For a lot of firms can actually offer the same services and the expertise at less than 1/5th of the pay conventional SEO specialists charge. And this is not because of heavy discounts through outsourcing but through the absence of additional overhead costs and tax benefits et al.

Handpicked Resources - You can actually sieve through the available SEO professionals and hire the best and the most veteran of the team as your dedicated professionals. However, in spite of hiring the best SEO professional in an already talent-heavy team, you still pay the fixed fee. Ever thought this was possible with stand-alone SEO specialists?

The 'Team' Camaraderie - Since the hired Dedicated SEO professionals are practically a member of your team, even though off-site or online, you can groom them and provide them with opportunities to enhance their skills.

ROI - ROI (Return on Investment) or value-for-money actually comes to the fore here, as you invest possibly one-fifth of the actual pay package that you would have used in a conventional SEO firm. And yet reap richer rewards than you would have from the latter!

Multi-pronged Approach - Unlike with conventional SEO packages, Dedicated SEO specialists can be pretty flexible. And if you have chosen the right man for the job, he can actually arrange for and execute online marketing strategies that range form social networking, viral marketing, blogging, link building et al. And unlike in a SEO package where you often lose track of what and how results are being achieved, hiring Dedicated SEO professionals can be used to the optimal results in the 8-9 hours a day you have them assigned on your projects.

And as far as communication and reporting to the project managers are concerned, SEO experts on a 24x7 role are much more efficient and worthy of the value placed on them.

So if you had been wondering which way to go for your brand new SEO campaign, you now have a veritable solution at hand - Dedicated SEO specialists. Contact us for more details.

Professional SEO Services To Boost Website in Search Engines

SEO Professionals from India
Enterprises invest in making a creative website to achieve targeted traffic. But that’s not enough. To get potential traffic, they need to go for professional SEO services. The services can provide improved search engine rankings, increase quality traffic, and add to the ROI of the business. Professional SEO services can optimize websites on all popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, AltaVista, and many others.

To boost the website on search engines, a professional SEO company follows two popular methods – on page optimization and off page optimization. The optimization covers link exchange, link building, organic SEO, and many other services. A professional SEO company offers services like selecting appropriate keywords, competitive analysis, manual search engine submissions, blogs, articles and news marketing, and many other activities. A professional SEO company can deliver different types of search engine optimizations that are based on images, news search, keywords, and local search.

Professional SEO services include Social Media Optimization that improves the visibility of websites on different social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut, Google+, and so on. With the increasing usage of social media, enterprises can promote their websites on various social platforms. Social media helps in connecting with the target market, gaining customer insight, and increasing customer retention and loyalty. SMO aids enterprises in establishing a strong contact with the customers and converting them into repeat visitors. Social media can reach to the end customers and promote the business effectively.

A professional SEO company assists in driving huge traffic to a website through social media platforms, online communities, and community portals. SEO includes link building, encouraging mashups, inbound links, tagging and proofing, connecting communities, and other services. SEO professionals provide Search Engine Marketing services like keyword research to find the best and right keywords as per your industry.

Professional SEO services offer PPC services to enterprises as well. PPC means Pay-Per-Click. Here to get space on the front page, an enterprise has to bid higher amount for keywords. And then when a search is made using that keyword and a click is made on the website, the enterprise has to pay the search engine. It is a costlier method of getting visibility on a search engine. For PPC services, enterprises need a reliable SEO professional or professional SEO company. PPC includes contextual advertising, campaign evolution, keyword research, biding, content creation, etc.

An experienced professional SEO company can improve your website’s ranking and positioning on search engines.

SEO Services in India

Internet Marketing Company
With the advent of internet, e-commerce is at its boom. E-commerce makes you enable to your business products to demonstrate world-wide so that you can get benefited more and more with your business. To make your business laced with internet and modern technology you have to at first make website providing information about your business or your products. But how will you get generate more and more traffic to your website so that you can get more and more benefit with your website. This is the area where online marketing or SEO Services emerges. Today, SEO Services or online marketing has been the key to success of any e-commerce business. Without SEO work no one can think successful performance of any website.

At first, we discuss about "what is SEO?" SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizers. SEO is one of the most effective ways to make your website perform better and improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website form search engines for targeted keywords. It is a process to analyze a website and make it search engine friendly so that search engines can easily read and understand it. There are different stages of SEO process. Basically, SEO can be categorized into two parts - On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers keyword research, keyword enrich content writing, writing title tag, meta description tag, meta keyword tag, etc. Off-page optimization generally refers to link popularity, link exchange, directory submission, article submission, blog writing, etc.

Basically, search engine optimization needs various SEO services techniques i.e. title tag, alt tags, link popularity, keyword density, page size, rich content & theme, neat & nice website design, and in site cross linking. There are also many other works which a search engine optimizer have to do. A good search engine optimizer can make enable your website for better performance and generate more and more traffic towards your site so that you and your business can get more and more benefit. In India there are numerous SEO companies that offer their SEO services globally. Now-a-days, SEO services in India are quite popular and have globally identification in the field of e-commerce and online marketing.

There are several leading professional SEO companies in India catering ever growing market of search engine optimization and internet marketing. They also offer other services like website designing and pay per click for Google AdWords, yahoo search engine marketing, and MSN Adcenter to derive around competitive keywords. An SEO company India has been very popular among several business men around the world. Several companies or businessmen want to services of SEO in India because of its excellent services.

SEO in India is also globally popular for its expertise in link building. Link building is very essential for every SEO work. SEO services India can provide numerous links within a short span and boost your website to perform better. If you too are in search for a search engine optimization or internet marketing or website designing company, you can get assisted with an SEO company India. Surely SEO Services from India can boost your website and make you benefited more and more from your business.

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