Google New Algorithm Freshness Update

Google has introduced a “freshness” algorithm to its search results that the company claims will make finding pages relating to recent events easier.
Google recently announced "a significant improvement" to its ranking algorithm that will affect about 35 percent of all searches. The goal is to make search results as fresh as possible.

The algorithm update will show more high-quality pages "that might only be minutes old," according to the Google blog. Because of the algorithm change, Google will also show you the most recent results related to a regularly recurring event, such as Dancing With the Stars results. (Now there's information the world can't wait to absorb.) And you'll reportedly see the freshest content related to topics that aren't newsy per se, but the information on them changes often. Example: A search for best digital cameras would give you the latest reviews of the best cameras.

It's still early to say how Google's algorithm update might impact your SEO and social media efforts directly. But it's pretty safe to say that being topical whenever possible--in your social media updates, blog posts, press releases, and other content--may help that content rank well in Google searches.

The Benefits of Fresh Content

If you didn't have enough reasons to create fresh content, add this algorithm to the list. By creating new and relevant information a business can receive several benefits, including search engine benefits. We've already heard that search engines like websites with regularly updated content and new web pages (see "Query Deserves Freshness" for more details).

Other benefits for a business adding fresh content to their site include:
  •  positioning itself as a thought leader in its industry
  •  connecting with customers and receiving feedback (though not as instant as other platforms, like Twitter)
  •  encouraging repeat visits by offering new information on a regular basis
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SEO Tips: Guidelines for Internet Marketing

The increasing globalization has made the business landscape brutally competitive. The rise of e-commerce has further leveled out the playing field for enterprises. Additionally, ever since we focused our attention on process execution, the mindset of the market has changed. Customers know that they can get the same level of process execution from almost everybody.

So what really seals the deal over projects is accessibility. The better your accessibility over search engines the better your success rate. That’s precisely the reason why even computing giants like Microsoft and IBM have forayed into search engine optimization (SEO).

But getting top page rankings in search engines is easier said than done. Everybody is vying for the top rung of the ladder. The second page ranking is almost unacceptable. But then again who can blame the enterprises? At times, they have billions of dollars riding on their websites and if they don’t have good SEO ranking then they lose out on valuable business.

So how do you secure first page rankings on popular search engines like Google? There is no sure-fire formula here. Topmost SEO rank is a combination of a lot of things. But the following SEO tips can go a long way in your quest for top search engine position.


Content is the heart of your website. But you need to be creative and develop fresh and relevant content with targeted keywords. A well phased out content with relevant information is easy for your website visitors to digest and can keep them coming back to you. Popular search engines like Google also promote websites that display fresh and unique content. Redundant content will lead you nowhere. So when developing website content put on your creative hats and try to be as different as possible from the usual crowd.


Along with content comes the need for keywords. Keywords are nothing but phrases most popularly used by search engine users when looking for something. You need to identify the keywords relevant for your industry and business and use them smartly in your content. The trick is to pick a keyword that is very popular within your customer segment but is not highly targeted by your competition. This can improve your visibility on search engines. Better yet, you can set these keywords in your website URL, title tag of the page and place hyperlinks of related keywords on your page. A search engine spider can track keywords easily from these places and crawl your web page. So, make smart use of keywords for better search engine visibility.

Keywords Density

Now when we say keywords, let us ring the caution bell here. Just because keywords can improve website’s visibility, it does not mean you cram your webpage with keywords. Density of keywords plays an essential role in site optimization. Instead of throwing in a bunch of keywords in one page, try to limit yourself to around 4 to 6 keywords in one page. Instead of quantity, try to focus on quality of keywords and their placement.

Link Building

Search engine spiders usually crawl from one link to another. You place a link on your website and the spider will crawl it. Similarly you place your link on some other website and again the spider will crawl it. This activity is popularly known as link building. The links that point back to your website are called backlinks or inbound links. They are also popular as inward links or incoming links. The more your backlinks, the higher are your chances of search engine spiders crawling your web pages. You can also set up reciprocal links with associate websites and take advantage of Google’s link popularity algorithm. The trick here is to set up reciprocal links with associated and popular websites.

Navigation Structure

Once a search engine spider starts crawling your website your navigation structure will decide how far the crawling process goes. The smoother your website’s navigation, the easier it is for the spider to crawl your website. But if your navigation structure is complex the spider might drop the crawling process midway. So try to simplify your navigation pattern as much as possible.

Image Optimization

You can also optimize the images used in your website for better search engine rankings. Use descriptive file name or keep the file name path at the place of the image. You can also set distinct URL for each photo. Using alternate attribute tags is also a good way of optimizing images. These tags can present your website’s images, videos, and flash files in keyword rich text which helps in site optimization.

Avoid Black Hat SEO Methods

While we have talked about all that you can do there is one absolute nada when it comes to SEO – Black Hat methods. Black Hat techniques are unethical practices of improving search engine visibility. These methods often break search engine rules and regulations and can even get your website blacklisted with them. So avoid stuffing keywords, hiding content or putting invisible content, and even setting up doorway pages. These methods will only cause reputation loss and nothing else.

Getting a good search engine rank may not be an easy job but it’s also not rocket science. Smartly mix and match various optimization techniques and you never know your website can be right there on the top!

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